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An energetic mixture of yoga and voguing

If you ever hadn't worked it out, voga is a mix of yoga and voguing the 1980s new york drag scene dance craze, which was brought to the mainstream by madonna.Voga was believed up by juliet murrell, a former film world art director, who had to bring a cardiac workout to yoga.Depending on the website, it combines significant moves of a dance class with the breath synchronised movement of yoga.Me more voga.

Maybe 80s beats are anything that yoga has been missing these past two millennia, but first thoughts are that me and my juicer yet another yoga gimmick like dog yoga(Baby yoga and frivolity yoga.Nevertheless, with their unusual contortions and focus on a pose yoga and voguing do have marked commonalities.

A common complaint about yoga is that it's boring voga is lots of things but boring is not one of them.It is actually really good fun particularly if you embrace the 80s vibe and wear fluorescent pink leggings, leopard print leotard and leg protectors, which i might or might not have done.The hour felt like 15 units, yet left my arms aching as if i had done serious resistance training.Despite being sweaty, pale and moderately sick, i was smiling by way of.

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Fans of some types of yoga might object to the lack of deep stretch poses and after such a hard workout, a good stretch can be been helpful.The class also left out everyones favourite part of yoga, savasana or the bit where you lie on a lawn at the end and i could have done with a bit of that too.

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You are a hipster hater or a devoted yogi.Through your yoga very seriously, voga Burberry Outlet UK may enrage one.

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Voga can currently only participate in in london, but murrell plans to bring it to other lucky parts of the uk and globally.At the time of writing she is introducing voga to south usa.Courses are an hour long, cost 10 in advance and 12 on the door and are held in several east london studios.

The words yoga and voguing fuse together in such a satisfying manner that it was probably only an issue of time before Viewscenes voga became a thing.It's hard to tell how long it will stay thing but it's fun, so try it it before it goes the way of baby yoga and dog yoga.

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