the cologne

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However, since the first day, the enemy attacked lebanese towns and murdered civilians.' The resistance leader said Hizbullah militants had destroyed military bases, while the Israelis killed civilians and targeted Lebanon's infrastructure. "However, the hezbollah attack that initiated the conflict involved the firing of rockets on the israeli towns of even menachem and mattat, injuring 5 civilians.He further outlined his organization's strategy of terrorizing israeli civilians into leaving their country: "We will expand attacks,"He said: "The people who came to israel,(They)Moved there to live, not to die.If we continue to attack, they will leave. "Hezbollah's attacks on civilian areasrockets fired by hezbollah also landed and resulted in casualties in the israeli arab population.

What doesRalph lauren polo black smells like?Ign boardslol this.Discover.Pink member since:July 14, 2009 total points:229(Level 1)Add contact;Block;Resolved question show me another does the cologne"Polo black"By ralph lauren smell.Why does my cologne smell different?Ralph lauren polo black.It is a pleasing, slightly spicy scent.

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